Bridge2Food becomes an advisory board member and partner of TAPP Coalition

The proposal developed by True Animal Protein Price (TAPP) Coalition to increase the price of meat across the EU to reflect its environmental costs, including CO2 emissions and biodiversity loss, and to encourage consumers to adopt a more sustainable diet, has received the support of most of the Dutch population, several organizations and companies in the sectors food, agriculture, health, environment and animal welfare since 2018.

Bridge2Food is proud to become an advisory board member and partner of this coalition and collaborate to spread the word about this initiative. “We are very happy to take part in this project and collaborate to improve the farm to fork strategy”, expressed Gerard Klein Essink, Founder & CEO at Bridge2Food. He added: “This initiative fits our activities in the Global Plant-Based Foods EcoSystem with 100 partners from industry & research”.

According to a report by FAO, the United Nations World Food Organization, on average, food would be twice as expensive if all the current hidden costs were charged to consumers. If we would do so, and give pollution a price, consumers would choose food products with less environmental and health costs.

The revenues of this ‘fair price’ can be used to make agriculture more sustainable and to compensate for low and middle incomes, and reduce the price of vegetables, fruits, and meat alternatives.

This meat sustainability charge could be introduced within a time frame of two years. In 2030, the charge precisely covers the social costs associated with the environmental footprint of meat production. This matches the horizon of the Dutch Climate Agreement.

The TAPP Coalition has already successfully created broad public and political backing for a fair meat price in The Netherlands, Germany, and the European Parliament. Now they are combining their forces with other organizations. Other TAPP board Board members, Director, Partners, and Advisory members are Compassion in World Farming, ProVeg International, Beyond Meat, Willicroft, World Animal Protection, climate cleanup, among others.

Last month, Ministers in all EU countries dealing with Budgets, Agriculture, Environment and Health were asked to agree with the new Food Policy of the EU Commission (Farm to Fork Strategy) and make it stronger with fiscal incentives to support the consumption of healthy and sustainable food (vegetables, fruits) and reduce consumption of food with negative impacts on health and sustainability (like meat). Read the letter here.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative, sign the good food price petition HERE

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