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Best Active Nutrition Beverage Award For Saturo RTD Food

Saturo Foods RTD was awarded Best Sports & Active Nutrition Beverage in the 2017 Bridge2Food Sports & Active Nutrition Awards, which celebrate the innovators creating the next generation of categories, products, beverages and ingredients to delight an increasingly health conscious and active consumer.

One 500ml bottle of Saturo RTD food contains a complete, balanced meal including cabohydrates, protein, lipids, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Saturo can be consumed straight from the bottle, is available in a range of flavours has a low glycemic index and is totally vegan.

Claire Nuttall, Founder, Brand Incubator said, “Saturo tasted delicious.  Unlike other competitor alternatives, the chocolate one in particular had a great texture and taste, making you feel like you were nourishing your body. A great design which looked far more contemporary than alternatives on the market closely linked to old age rather than modern lifestyles.  A modern approach to eating well on the move if you have to skip a meal.  They really fill you up, yet don’t feel hard work at all.”

Hannes Feistenauer, CEO of Saturo Foods said, “Saturo is proud to have won this award which will help us communicate our extreme focus on high product quality and user experience which is unmatched in Europe. We thank the whole team for offering us this opportunity to share our product, values and vision.”

Hannes Feistenauer CEO, Saturo Foods with Claire Nuttall, Founder, The Brand Incubator