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[B2F Expert Vision #16] Mobility matters: Supplement Opportunities – Dominik Mattern (Lonza)

‘No longer is there a typical active, performance or sports nutrition customer. From sports professionals to weekend warriors, more people are endeavoring to reach their physical and mental peak than ever before. In fact, when it comes to purchasing products to support such activities, consumers are becoming better informed about the ingredients used, favouring innovative supplements with proven benefits for supporting exercise and recovery. For instance, Lonza’s high-quality Carnipure® L-Carnitine has become well-established in the market for its potential energy generation advantages, including increasing blood flow, decreasing muscle soreness and improving recovery time. An additional example is Lonza’s ZMA® brand, which is a highly bioavailable proprietary blend of L-OptiZinc® zinc mono-L-methionine, magnesium salts and vitamin B6, to enhance muscle recovery and regeneration. Now available to the European market, UC-II® undenatured type II collagen is another popular ingredient that has been shown to aid recovery, by improving joint discomfort, mobility and flexibility.


To achieve optimal nutritional benefits from ingredients, it is crucial that manufacturers select the most suitable dosage form. Our Capsugel portfolio offers a wide range of innovative delivery systems designed to meet the requirements of the industry. For example, the Licaps® liquid-filled capsule is suitable for a pure L-Carnitine base combined with Choline and Vitamin B12, providing a stable, fast-acting supplement for improving sport performance, with an extended shelf-life. Meanwhile, the DUOCAP capsule-in-capsule technology enables liquid and solid actives with different release profiles to be combined in one dosage form, such as vitamin K2, vitamin D and calcium which can be used in one supplement to aid bone health. In addition to capsules, the cutting-edge Lipid Multi-particulate (LMP) technology can improve the performance of ingredients for use in a wide range of applications, including supplements, functional foods and beverages. This technology truly enables manufacturers to blur the line between food and nutraceuticals, providing convenient alternatives for meeting consumers’ nutritional requirements’.


8th Active, Performance & Sports Nutrition Summit 2018, 12-14 June 2018 (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Fantastic annual active, performance & sports nutrition industry networking platform
Target audience: Food, Beverages, Bars, Dairy, Health, Convenience, Sports & Supplement industries
4-in-1 Tracks: Bars & Snacks, Dairy & RTD’s, Beverages & Supplements
Participation: 250+ experts. Exhibition: 40 places.