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[B2F Expert Vision #14] Carving out the Active Nutrition Market – Pierre Miclette (FoodArom)

‘Even though today we talk a lot about health and wellness, I believe that the consumer’s reality is quite different. The real “No. 1” consumer trend to follow is: CONVENIENCE. Convenience in terms of format, convenience in preparation, convenience in purchasing and in product availability… this is the real definer!

In today’s world, people are constantly working, training, taking care of kids or aging parents and time is always lacking. We want to have it all and at the same time: both health benefits and convenience. Therefore, the newest up-and-coming categories will be offering products that are natural, homemade and comforting, but all of that in convenient packaging and via convenient distribution.

Ready-to-consume goods that are of high quality and with fewer modifications: this is the new trend! If modifications need to be made, then these will be so the products can be adapted to the consumers’ own needs and recipes.

The ready-to-consume trend in active nutrition will allow general food companies to partake in the sphere of active food products. This may also be the opportunity for new M&A to take place and for new product development concepts to emerge, as active nutrition partially moves towards the mass market”

There are also opportunities for relaxing functional food & beverages, as more and more consumers are seeking antidotes to the stresses of today’s hyperactive and tech-driven world. According to Mintel*, 88% of Canadian adults agree that relaxation is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Only 34% of US females and 40% of US males agree they feel in control of their stress levels, while 33% of UK employees (over 18) eat comfort food to deal with work stress. Finally, 33% of French and Italian consumers feel they are currently experiencing stress. New ingredients with relaxing properties are emerging which will contribute to a new flavour trend related to calming and relaxing flavours’.

FoodArom, as an important flavour solution provider, will also be present and exhibit with 3 key staff at the:
8th Active, Performance & Sports Nutrition Summit 2018, 12-14 June 2018 (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Fantastic annual active, performance & sports nutrition industry networking platform
Target audience: Food, Beverages, Bars, Dairy, Health, Convenience, Sports & Supplement industries
4-in-1 Tracks: Bars & Snacks, Dairy & RTD’s, Beverages & Supplements
Participation: 250+ experts. Exhibition: 40 places.