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Astaxanthin Gives Athletes the Edge

running-573762Natural astaxanthin is an excellent nutrient for athletes and active people; it can help in several important ways. There have been numerous human clinical trials demonstrating a variety of benefits for athletes.

Natural astaxanthin is the power generator that allows salmon to make their heroic upstream swim and is found at the highest concentration in the animal world in salmon.

Based on this, researchers in Sweden did a 6 month trial on teenage students to see whether astaxanthan would have the same effect on humans as salmon. They were required to do deep knee bends to exhaustion and given 4mg astaxanthin daily. Results showed 62% increase in strength and endurance in 6 months. A placebo group showed an improvement of 22%: strength and endurance increased three times faster in in young men taking astaxanthin.

One of the most exciting trials was sponsored by Gatorade, the world’s leading company in the field of sports drinks. Gatorade’s study found competitive cyclists were made faster with higher power output by astaxanthin.

The full article can be found here: NBR_Issue3_Natural_Astaxanthin

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