Alfa Laval’s innova­tive approach to producing Next-Gen Proteins

Whether a new startup or an existing manufacturer – you may be asking…

When transitioning from lab to commercial scale:

  • Is the process yield efficient enough to justify large-scale production?
  • How can I scale-up while remaining price competitive?

With new and existing processes:

  • How can I plan service for optimal uptime?
  • What are some of the new monitoring innovations available to optimize equipment efficiency through data-driven decisions?
  • What are the by-products produced with the recovery process? Are these a cost or value stream?

New and innova­tive approaches to producing Next-Generation Proteins (NGP) continue to develop, yet we see the same challenges experienced with more established traditional pro­tein processes.

Join Alfa Laval at Bridge2Food‘s Plant-Based Foods and Proteins Summit Americas in Chicago May 10-12 with Todd Blase, Business Development Manager Protein & Dairy, and Curtis Manar, Director Service Sales Food and Water, to discuss and find solutions to your challenges – whether you are scaling up (or optimizing) new and existing processes.

Reach out to Todd Blase and Curtis Manar on LinkedIn to book a meeting during the summit or learn more about Alfa Laval’s offerings and submit the form here to let them know you’re coming.

Summit Americas |Chicago May 10-12.

Program information here.

Direct link to register here.