3 ways measuring technology makes a difference

One challenge in the production of plant-based substitutes for meat and fish is to increase production efficiency without compromising the texture of the final product — the key to consumer acceptance.

Krohne disruptive technologyMaintaining all ingredients in precisely the right proportions, at the right density, at the correct cooking or cooling temperature at the required operating pressure is what KROHNE gladly takes care of for you.

Some examples of how measuring technology can make a difference:

1. Tank level measurement for the automation of storage management during the handling of base ingredients.

2. Inline weighing and mass flow measurement for more efficient processing.

3. Avoid product giveaway in filling & dosing of the final product.

Learn more and meet the KROHNE team at Bridge2Food‘s Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Americas (May 10-12) in Chicago and Bridge2Food‘s Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Asia in Singapore November 28-30, 2022.

Ryan Kromhout, Manager Global Industry Division Food for Krohne, will be giving a presentation entitled “Weight and Measure Inline Without Process Interrupt: Scaling plant-based production from batch type to continuous inline.”

He’ll also be part of a panel discussion that day on tackling the affordability challenge for food & ingredient processing.

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