3 easy steps to bring your product to market, faster, with Symrise

Delivering irresistible experiences for plant-based culinary and dairy products doesn’t need to be difficult. Symrise has streamlined a three-step process, so that you can bring your product to market, faster.

It starts with selecting the base protein type. Each protein type, from soy to mycoprotein, presents unique challenges with off-notes that need to be neutralized through masking (step 1.) Symrise tools like Protiscan™ can offer a unique insight to identifying and managing off-notes, leading to rapid prototyping.

With masking complete and off-notes neutralized, you can start building consumer-preferred taste in your products. Building body taste in your product (step 2), such as richness, gives complexity to your product.

All that’s left is to give your product its final signature taste, using a typified culinary or dairy top-note (step 3.) Consider taste pairings in this step, too, to make your products stand out.

Interested in learning more? Visit Symrise at Bridge2Food‘s Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Europe June 21-23 in the Netherlands.

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