1st Dutch ‘Week without meat’ (5-12 March 2018)

Another step forward in making the world more sustainable: the Dutch ”week without meat”. 5-12 March will be the first annual week to highlight the importance of change in diet towards less meat.  Participants are 9 retailers: Ahold , Deen Supermarkten, Jumbo Supermarkten, Spar, Coop Supermarkten, as well as food service companies like Sodexho, and food brands Nestlé, Quorn Foods, Unilever, Bonduelle, VEZET, SoFine Foods, Vivera B.V., Iglo, Royal Wessanen-Natudis, HAK, Deli2Go: 53 organisations (incl. Green Protein Alliance) are backing up the initiative. The contribution of each person joining the initiative is said to be:  7 months of showering, 1 happy chicken per person, 114 km of car driving, around 10kg of CO2 mission. #weekzondervlees. http://bit.ly/2FlL63O. And recipees are offered for each day of the week: http://bit.ly/2ti4hqo.