Ovomet: new eggshell for sport nutrition applications

At the 2016 Vitafoods exhibition, the number of food ingredient companies (other than proteins) focused on the sports industry was astonishing. The so many new ingredients, existing ingredients with new benefits.

Take Ovomet from the Spanish company Eggnovo. Ovomet is a pure eggshell membrane, obtained from a patented process, with three main benefits: anti-inflammatory; analgesic and joint regenerator. Ovomet consists of collagen (38%), hyaluronic acid (4%), glucosamine (2%), keratine (1%) and lysozyme (1%). Studies have shown an overall joint improvement for runners and crossfitters. See also: Post. Studies carried out on people suffering from osteoarthritis, and athletes, based on standardised methods approved by international bodies (WOMAC, DASH), achieving statistically very significant results. Following 10 days of daily consumption of Ovomet®, positive effects were already perceivable, with an overall improvement of joints by 36%, revealing its high short-term effectiveness. After 50 days of treatment, values of up to 68% were registered in the overall improvement of joints in runners, and 48% in people practising cross-fit.